KDL Modules for SynthEdit : Donation Versions


SampleRate Modules:

Version 1.0.0 .

These modules simply output the current samplerate the sound is set to. The Gui versions display the last known samplerate, and if it's changed since 'play' has been pressed, will not be accurate; they will update the next time 'play' is pressed. Available to all donators.

Animation Controls:

Version 1.0.3.

These modules convert the pins into floats suitable for animation of bitmaps (using the BitMap Image sub-control): 0.0 .. 1.0. The Dual versions are suitable for controlling other modules with the BitMap, as well as being controlled by something else. In the DualGui versions, you can choose the direction the data travels. Available to all donators.

Example: You have a custom knob you've made, and you want to have it animated by an oscillator, such as an LFO Pitch modifier. Route the LFO to the Volts In on KDL AnimControl DualVolts. Hook the BitMap Image's Animation Position to the Anim Position pin. Hook the Volts Out to the pitch of the oscillator you wish to control with the Knob & LFO.

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If you're not familiar with SynthEdit, and are interested in making music and virtual instruments for computers, check it out for yourself at www.synthedit.com.

If you enjoy the use of these modules, and would like to donate, please use this button and donate via PayPal. Donations are not required to use these modules, but are greatly appreciated.

KDL Modules © 2006, Kelly Lynch

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