Welcome to Halloween Fright Flight (dot) 7

Halloween, Noon to 1 AM, The Stealth 103dot7, KNMZ-FM

Every year I do a special show for The Stealth on my favorite holiday, Halloween, which incidently is also my wife & my anniversary. :) Here's the webpage for it, stark as it is. Although, it's not about the sights. It's about the sounds.

And, as I do every year for those poor tortured souls that cannot tune into The Stealth, I have pity upon them, and upload the Halloween Fright Flight in it's entirety as mp3's for their listening displeasure. This year will be no different.

First off, last year, at 6pm Mountain, I unleashed the Penultimate Evil. In case your sanity is still intact from last year, or you were not tortured by it's magnificent evil-ness last year, I present it in it's horrid glory once again: The Penultimate Evil

Now, over the last year, I have been feeding the Evil nothing but stale candy corn, and those yellow fuzzy duck-like things that no one wants to know what are made of. This experiment has borne fruit, and I shall serve it up at 6pm Halloween this year. Yes, it has grown even more terrifying. Those with a weak constitution or heart problems might use that time to take a bathroom break.

PS: For any of these audio links, right-click and save target as, to save to your hard drive for playing, rather than trying to stream them (which does not necessarily work well, anyway).

Here are the current promos running for the show:

Promo #1, Promo #2, Promo #3, Promo #4, Promo #5, Promo #6, Promo #7

UPDATE: You can now see the playlist for the show (available 10/31 only!) at stealthrock.com !

Before the show, I'll be playing "teaser" songs. These are songs that do normally air on The Stealth, so they'll mix right into the morning show, but still build up to the Fright Flight proper.

4am Dropins, 5am Dropins, 6am Dropins, 7am Dropins, 8am Dropins, 9am Dropins, 10am Dropins, 11am Dropins

Here's the show itself:

12 Noon: Part A, Part B, Part C

1 PM: Part A, Part B, Part C

2 PM: Part A, Part B, Part C

3 PM: Part A, Part B, Part C

4 PM: Part A, Part B, Part C

5 PM: Part A, Part B, Part C

6 PM: Part A, Part B, Part C

7 PM: Part A, Part B, Part C

8 PM: Part A, Part B, Part C

9 PM: Part A, Part B

10 PM: Part A, Part B

11 PM: Part A, Part B

12 AM: Part A, Part B